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Solutions to synchronize your ecommerce with accounting, inventory and ERP - connect your e-shop and your ERP

Download and import

Download sales information from cart, format and import into accounting system (and your CRM?).

Problems: Manual and time consuming, very slow, prone to errors, inventory often out of sync, causes order fulfilment issues.

Buy a ‘bridge’

Get a third vendor’s ‘bridge’ to connect your cart to your accounting system (and your CRM?).

Problems: It’s another piece of software, plus set up fees, and requires you to figure it out. Worst case is pay a consultant to do it.


Cart Connect – the e-commerce accounting and CRM integration software solution
Connect one or multiple vendor carts

Europiweb ERP is one system which will hook to your cart(s) and make the task of synchronising all of the information about your sales and accounting straightforward. We’ve built our Cart Connect Plugin to help you do this. Using our Cart Connect Plugin you can connect one or multiple vendor carts to ERP.

Here are some working examples:
Joined up: PrestaShop

Free open-source e-commerce software with in excess of 275 features, 1000 modules, 750 themes and powers 120,000 online stores. Installation is very low cost, straightforward and take about 15 minutes to get up and running on ERP. If you don’t have a cart then this is the easiest place to start.

Joined up: X-Cart Go and Community versions

Hosted by X-Cart, X-Cart Go is a cloud ‘pay as you go’ service service that lets you quickly build and launch. There is no hosting hassle, and deployment is quick and very low cost. It takes about 15 minutes to get up and running on ERP. The X-Cart Community Edition is a free open source download and recommended for expert developers.

How Cart Connect works

The Cart Connect Plugin API is unique to every type of vendor cart. The API code ‘talks’ to the Cart via function calls, and bidirectionally relays commands and information between the vendor cart and Cart Connect. It takes up to ten days to develop a version of the API specific to your cart. We can do this for you at very low cost, or you find your own developer to do this.

 hellas Cart

From your cart to ERP:
  • Automatic importing of Orders with creation of Sales Orders or Cash Sales
  • Automatic updating of Customer details
  • Importing of Orders
  • Importing of Customers
  • Importing of Items

From ERP to your cart:
  • Real time updating of stock levels
  • Real time updating of Customers
  • Real time updating of Items
  • Exporting of Customers
  • Exporting of Items


Joined up control and synchronization

Configure which information (Customers, Items, Orders, Inventory availability and levels) should be transferred, set up the schedule for inventory and accounting synchronization, or do it manually with a single click.