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E-mail Marketing

Email marketing has to do with the art of approaching and selling something to those interested by using the internet.
In simple words it's all about selling and not just communicating things. Email marketing always results to an action.
So it's all about sending an email...


hHow difficult can that be?


Difficult is not the case here. Correct and technical are two keywords that has to be understood on what lies beneath them.

For example: 

  • The email aspect has:
  • To conform with international rule and regulations.
  • To be technically made in a way that is not blocked, DNSBL'ed, or stopped by ISP's (like Forthnet, Otenet, Vodafone, Orange, etc) .
  • To be technically correct and not to be wrongly viewed by different mail clients (i.e. outlook, gmail, hotmail, Live).
  • To have proper use of capital letters.


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